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Piedmont CPR

Welcome to Piedmont CPR & Continuing Ed! Convenient CPR Classes Provided!

Our mission at Piedmont CPR is to increase awareness through 

continued education. The gift of life is why!



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"The best BLS class I've ever had." ~ D.B.

"No one has ever explained choking this way...everyone needs this info." ~ A.S.

About Us

Meeting The Needs Of Our Community

Piedmont CPR has mobile instructors as well as relaxed training facilities to help meet the needs of our community!

Our Instructors

Our Registered Nurse instructors have extensive healthcare backgrounds.  We understand the lives of busy professionals and parents.  We pride ourselves on providing quality CPR classes and continuing education in an efficient and timely manor.


  • CPR Anytime
  • Family & Friends
  • Heart Saver CPR, AED
  • BLS for Healthcare Providers
  • First Aid
  • Choking Prevention & Intervention
  • CPR Pool School
  • GA Proxy Caregiver Medication  Administration Training
  • One on One Private CPR Training Sessions Available
  • And More !!


Stressed Out? Long Day? Too Much To Do? No Time?...No Worries!

We understand the difficulties of finding work/life balance as a healthcare professional!  Let us ease the burden a bit!  Register for our online BLS For Healthcare Professionals Class!  Take the AHA training at your pace in the comfort of your home...once done, come see us for a quick 25 minute skills check!

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon!


We are constantly brainstorming for additional ways to enlighten the community in which we serve.  Stayed tuned for future events!


get CPR ready for fun in the sun. register for pool school!

When a pool emergency happens...Will you be ready?

It is finally pool season and that means fun in the sun!  Pools and other outdoor recreation is how many of us prefer to spend our free time.  A relaxing and enjoyable afternoon can quickly turn into a life threating emergency.  Choking and drowning rank as one of the leading causes of accidental death for children. Parents and children must be prepared. Piedmont CPR provides an hour long pool school for children and their parents.  We cover various topics including Adult CPR, Child CPR, AED use and water, as well as heat exhaustion discussions.  Class participants will practice with our manikins and AED simulators to help ensure accurate techniques were learned in class.  Each participant will receive a certificate of participation as bragging rights that you have gained life saving knowledge at Piedmont CPR's Pool School!  Group discounts available for community classes held at apartment complexes, condos, and other housing developments with pools.

Learn More About CPR Pool School

Community and Property Mangers contact us today to help ensure pool safety this upcoming pool season!


Giving back to our community

Free Hands Only CPR Training

Piedmont CPR's Increasing Community Awareness Campaign provides this vital life saving skill of chest compressions to seniors in independent living communities as well as to the general public at local libraries throughout the area at various times of the month.  

Contact Us Today To See Where Our Next Free Hands Only CPR Training Will Be Held!

Learn More

To book a date for your community or to learn how to donate to this campaign contact us today!


Give The Gift of life

Planning an event?

From new and expectant moms/dads and grandparents to high school graduates leaving home for the first time, this life saving skill and fun interactive group activity makes a great gift!  Best of all, participants can keep their own practice manikin and instructional DVD to refresh their memory at any time!  

Contact Us For More Information !

Proxy Caregiver Medication Administration Training

Did You Know??

It is a state requirement that all Proxy Caregivers staffed in a Personal Care Home (PCH) receive initial and annual medication administration training and skills check off by a licensed healthcare professional (LHP). 

Our Registered Nurse Instructors can help!  Onsite facility visit and training/skills check off will be provided at your convenience!

TOFHLA (Health Literacy) Testing can also be provided to caregivers!


Need Supplies?

CPR Mask Keychain - 3 For $10


An emergency can happen at anytime. Be prepared with a CPR mask keychain.  This barrier device sized for use on adults and children, has a clear mask allowing the rescuer to position it properly and monitor the victim.  This device is disposable and meant for 1 time use only.

CPR Pocket Mask With Hard Case - $15


An emergency can happen at anytime. Be prepared with a CPR pocket mask.  This barrier device sized for use on adults and children, has a clear mask allowing the rescuer to position it properly and monitor the victim.  The soft, pliable bladder ensures a secure seal.  Mask can be used with a standard one way valve (included).  Mask may be cleaned and reused, however the one way valve with filter is for single use only.

HeartSine Samaritan PAD AED - $1150


  You can’t choose when Sudden Cardiac Arrest will strike. But You Can Be Ready. 

Sudden cardiac arrest strikes with little time to react and even less time to think. This means an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) must be close at hand, easy to use and ready to shock. 

Real-time CPR coaching

Easy to understand visual and voice prompts guide the rescuer through the entire resuscitation process, including CPR—a key link in the chain of survival.

With just ON/OFF and Shock buttons, offers a simple, straightforward two-button operation.

Most portable AED. 

Light weight (2.83 lb) and compact.

AED is backed by an 8-year warranty.

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Need More Information Or Supplies?


Piedmont CPR has mobile class availability for Healthcare Facilities! 

Contact us for available training dates at one of our training centers as dates may vary monthly.


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